Monday, March 2, 2009

Back Again Today, I Promised!!

Here I am again, two days in a row! I've been looking through pictures and don't have as many as I thought I did, but am still going to share quite a few. I got my new camera in late January, so other than the SuperBowl pictures they're all with my old camera. I do love my new camera though, it's a Kodak Easy Share Z1085 IS. It's not exactly the camera I wanted, but I couldn't afford the camera I wanted and this one has everything that I was looking for, so I went for it. I did get a really good deal on it though and it's so cool. Yes, I am a dork. lol

I don't know if you've seen the movie The Christmas Card or not, but it was filmed on location or at least is supposed to have been filmed in Nevada City, California. I love this movie and so of course when Richard was on vacation the week after Christmas we went to check out the covered bridge and Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Much to my surprise when we found the location of where the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was, there was nothing there but a cement landing!! Oh well, was a little disappointed, but I got over it. We did go on the bridge that was in the movie, but it's not a bridge that's in use, so that was fudged too!! We did have a fun day and took lots of pictures.

This picture is of Richard standing where the Memorial was supposed to be.

This is the bridge that was in The Christmas Card. Cody rode over it on his motorcycle when he was coming into town.

This sign is at the end of the bridge and thought it was pretty neat!

And this is a sign about the bridge itself.

Here are the SuperBowl Pictures. We went to Dan and Sylvia's house down the street and have a really good time and as you'll see in the pictures, there was so much good food! Dan and Sylvia are really big Pittsburg fans, so of course everyone else was cheering on the other team, but they were really good about it!!

This is the just some of the food that was at the party!

This is my hubby Richard!

Here are a few friends outside chatting and watching the game.

That's all I'm going to do right now, but will be back later this week with some more pictures. I've been pretty horrible about taking pictures and I could just smack myself. I've been trying to get a good picture of M&M, but she hates the camera and when she sees it she takes off running. I've been trying to be sneaky, but it's not working. I'll keep working on it though, I'm determined to get a good picture of her and now with the face recognition and other features in my new camera, you can actually see her face and not just a black blob! They're not actually good pictures since she's running away, but she at least looks like a dog now.

Thanks again for stopping by and talk to you soon!

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