Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another Weekend Gone!

The weekends seem to go by so fast, but the weekdays just drag sometimes. Kept pretty busy this weekend though, we even went out on Saturday night and we haven't been out in what seems like years!! lol Went out to dinner with friends and then went to listen to a band we all like play in Lincoln. We had a good time and the people were so nice, will hopefully go there again soon.

Did get a little bit of crafting done today finally, but everything I did didn't seem to work out. Sometimes I get ideas in my head, but they don't exactly come out right. I did get my area cleaned up though, so it's a lot easier to do things.

I'm very excited I signed up for Sherry Mendoza's class in Brentwood on July 13th, been wanting to take one of her classes for a while, but it never seemed to work out. Sherry works for Prima Marketing Flowers and is the Editor for the My Prima Place. She's coming all the way from Sydney, Australia. We've never met, but we chat often, so I'm so excited to finally meet her. Since Brentwood is a few hours away and is pretty close to my step-daughter's home, we're going to make it an overnight adventure!! lol My dogs won't be so happy about it, but they always forgive us.

Hopefully crafting will go better tomorrow and I'll have some things to share. Need to work on an over-the-hill theme birthday party/retirement party for my hubby. We're having a birthday/retirement party for him on July 21st, so I'm waiting for my new Cricut cartridge to come.

Well hope everyone had a great weekend and I'll talk to you soon!!

Happy Crafting!!


Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm Not Horrible, Just Boring!

It has been a while, but haven't had anything new to add or to say. It is Friday, but when you're not working every day is Saturday! lol We did go to my moms on Tuesday to make goodies with my son. He picked a 5 gallon bucket of cherries on Monday, so we went over there to help him. We did make carrot cupcakes, but those were for hubby since I didn't save him a piece of carrot cake a few weeks ago at the graduation party I went to. Anthony makes really good carrot cake, but the cupcakes we can freeze and just take one out when we want one and don't have to eat the whole cake before it goes bad.

Here's the cherries, pie and jam! Anthony is quite the little cook. Didn't stay to try the pie, but it does look good.

Will be crafting this weekend, starting today and hope to get some projects made and finished. Been feeling crafty, but haven't had the time. Haven't heard from either of the design teams I applied for and not sure if that's good or not, but neither have posted anything, so not rejected yet! lol My fingers are still crossed for both and will post when I hear.

Have a Happy Friday and a great weekend!!

Talk to you soon!


Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello Monday!

It's Monday again and had a crazy weekend. I only got to make one of the three graduation parties we were invited, but it was three and a half hours away. Richard made it to the other two though, so that's a good thing. I did end up going to Morgan Hill by myself, but it was a nice break for me. Listened to my cd's really loud and sang badly, so it was fun. lol

Haven't heard anything from either of the DT's, not sure if that's good or bad, but I'm being patient. I was going to do a few other projects this last weekend, but never did find the time, so this week I'll get some things done and post them here.

I think it's going to be a busy summer, having a birthday retirement party for Richard on July 221st, so have lots to do. He decided he wanted to have a party since we finally found out that he gets SSDI. We've been trying for a year and got one denial, but just got the award letter on Friday, so we're very happy!! It's still not right, but I'm sure they'll fix it and we do know that we will have some money coming in now and so we're not worried.

So I'm sure I will be busy crafting this week and will be posting pictures as soon as I'm done. It'll probably take me two days to clean up the mess I have in my room, but it's always fun to play around.

Talk to you soon and thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Finally Did It!

It's done, I've applied for a DT and a position for a Cricut instructor! I'm very nervous and excited at the same time, but it's a good feeling either way. Not sure if I have a shot at either one, but I did do it and that's a big step for me. I'm not one of those people that are secure in showing off their projects, but I'm trying to crawl out of my shell and become one of those people!

Here are a few sneak peeks so to speak and will post the actual pictures once I hear back either way. The one is a little blurry close up, but I'm not a photographer and need to work on my camera skills in a big way!! I have a nice camera, just need to take the time to learn how to use it.

Thank you so much for stopping by and hopefully I'll have some good news soon. Even if I don't make the DT or get the job, I'll keep trying until I make at least one DT.

Talk to you soon and have a great day!!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Another Weekend Gone!

This weekend flew by, but did get lots done today and will be all done tomorrow. Wasted a lot of paper yesterday, but used lots to day and thing worked out so much better. I'm not sure about what I've made, but I'm happy with how things turned out. Need to put some final touches on the canvas book project, but then I'll take pictures and submit everything. I am very excited and nervous at the same time! My Cricut did get a workout this weekend and used some cartridges I hadn't had an opportunity to use before. I have lots of cartridges that I haven't used, but going to make it a point to use them all by the end of the month. All the cartridges I do have, I have plans for, so going to be making my Cricut smoke and beg for a rest.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of what's left of the weekend and be back tomorrow with a sneak peek, but can't post my projects until after I've been accepted for the DT's I'm putting in for (did you notice I assume I'm going to be picked! hehehe). No, I'm not that confident, but just being hopeful.

Talk to you tomorrow!


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wasted Paper Kind of Saturday!

I spent all day in my craft room pretty much just wasting paper. I have scraps of paper all over and nothing to show for it but a pile of cut-outs with no purpose. I'd get an idea to do something, cut stuff out and then hated it. I am my own worst critic and I hate that about myself. It was just one of those days, will be better tomorrow hopefully. I didn't throw anything away of course, I'm sure I will use these things for something down the line or maybe another idea will come to me in the night I hope.

Another Saturday night and nothing going on and absolutely nothing on TV. Was thinking about renting a movie earlier today and now I wish I had, there are a few movies I'd like to see.

So we'll try this again tomorrow and hopefully I will have better luck or not be so critical with myself. So hope you're having a great Saturday and I'll be back tomorrow!

Talk to you soon!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! It's always a wonderful feeling when the weekend finally gets here. I am not currently working, but still love the weekends. Been a crazy busy week as usual lately, way too much still going on and can't wait for it to ease up for the better and thinking it should be soon. Haven't been doing what I'm supposed to be doing in my scraproom, have been totally distracted and so not in the mood. Took some tests this week and was waiting and waiting for the results and now my doctor is on vacation and won't be back until the 5th. UGH!! lol Nothing serious wrong, but would like to know what he plans on doing or if I need to go see someone else. It'll all work out, I'm just not a patient person and want whatever needs to be done done now!!

All weekend I will be working though, got lots to do and running out of time and I hope I don't blow up my Cricut from working it to death. Both of the DT I'm applying for are Cricut DT's, so I'm still excited. I did go to Michael's today, can't remember the last time I was there, so I had a great time. I looked all over and did find a few treasures of course.

Did get a mouse today for my laptop and then I can use the desktop when I have time to update my blog. I probably didn't mention that I went to use my desktop the other day and the keyboard wasn't working. I lifted it up to make sure it was plugged in and the end of the cord was chewed in half!! Never really gave much thought to Millie, our 6 month old puppy, laying under the desk until that moment! I've been using my wireless mouse on my laptop and didn't want to give it up, so I just bought another one. The mouse and the keyboard I got for Christmas and are wireless, so now Millie has no cord hanging down to tempt her and when I need the desktop it'll be ready.

So I will be back tomorrow with my progress and hope you all enjoy your weekend.

Talk to you soon!