Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm Not Horrible, Just Boring!

It has been a while, but haven't had anything new to add or to say. It is Friday, but when you're not working every day is Saturday! lol We did go to my moms on Tuesday to make goodies with my son. He picked a 5 gallon bucket of cherries on Monday, so we went over there to help him. We did make carrot cupcakes, but those were for hubby since I didn't save him a piece of carrot cake a few weeks ago at the graduation party I went to. Anthony makes really good carrot cake, but the cupcakes we can freeze and just take one out when we want one and don't have to eat the whole cake before it goes bad.

Here's the cherries, pie and jam! Anthony is quite the little cook. Didn't stay to try the pie, but it does look good.

Will be crafting this weekend, starting today and hope to get some projects made and finished. Been feeling crafty, but haven't had the time. Haven't heard from either of the design teams I applied for and not sure if that's good or not, but neither have posted anything, so not rejected yet! lol My fingers are still crossed for both and will post when I hear.

Have a Happy Friday and a great weekend!!

Talk to you soon!



HeatherLynn said...

YUUUMM! I love cherries! Thanks for doing out hop this weekend! :) Happy to be a new follower!


Norma Gomez said...

That pie and jam look really good! Good luck on your DT submissions.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog for the "Well OWL Be" Blog Hop :D