Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! It's always a wonderful feeling when the weekend finally gets here. I am not currently working, but still love the weekends. Been a crazy busy week as usual lately, way too much still going on and can't wait for it to ease up for the better and thinking it should be soon. Haven't been doing what I'm supposed to be doing in my scraproom, have been totally distracted and so not in the mood. Took some tests this week and was waiting and waiting for the results and now my doctor is on vacation and won't be back until the 5th. UGH!! lol Nothing serious wrong, but would like to know what he plans on doing or if I need to go see someone else. It'll all work out, I'm just not a patient person and want whatever needs to be done done now!!

All weekend I will be working though, got lots to do and running out of time and I hope I don't blow up my Cricut from working it to death. Both of the DT I'm applying for are Cricut DT's, so I'm still excited. I did go to Michael's today, can't remember the last time I was there, so I had a great time. I looked all over and did find a few treasures of course.

Did get a mouse today for my laptop and then I can use the desktop when I have time to update my blog. I probably didn't mention that I went to use my desktop the other day and the keyboard wasn't working. I lifted it up to make sure it was plugged in and the end of the cord was chewed in half!! Never really gave much thought to Millie, our 6 month old puppy, laying under the desk until that moment! I've been using my wireless mouse on my laptop and didn't want to give it up, so I just bought another one. The mouse and the keyboard I got for Christmas and are wireless, so now Millie has no cord hanging down to tempt her and when I need the desktop it'll be ready.

So I will be back tomorrow with my progress and hope you all enjoy your weekend.

Talk to you soon!


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