Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another Weekend Gone!

The weekends seem to go by so fast, but the weekdays just drag sometimes. Kept pretty busy this weekend though, we even went out on Saturday night and we haven't been out in what seems like years!! lol Went out to dinner with friends and then went to listen to a band we all like play in Lincoln. We had a good time and the people were so nice, will hopefully go there again soon.

Did get a little bit of crafting done today finally, but everything I did didn't seem to work out. Sometimes I get ideas in my head, but they don't exactly come out right. I did get my area cleaned up though, so it's a lot easier to do things.

I'm very excited I signed up for Sherry Mendoza's class in Brentwood on July 13th, been wanting to take one of her classes for a while, but it never seemed to work out. Sherry works for Prima Marketing Flowers and is the Editor for the My Prima Place. She's coming all the way from Sydney, Australia. We've never met, but we chat often, so I'm so excited to finally meet her. Since Brentwood is a few hours away and is pretty close to my step-daughter's home, we're going to make it an overnight adventure!! lol My dogs won't be so happy about it, but they always forgive us.

Hopefully crafting will go better tomorrow and I'll have some things to share. Need to work on an over-the-hill theme birthday party/retirement party for my hubby. We're having a birthday/retirement party for him on July 21st, so I'm waiting for my new Cricut cartridge to come.

Well hope everyone had a great weekend and I'll talk to you soon!!

Happy Crafting!!


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