Sunday, July 1, 2012

Oh My, It's Been a Week!!

How does the time go by so quickly, it's been a week since my last post (I feel like I'm in confession)! It's that time of year I guess when we're so busy and the time is just flying by. It seems that every day lately we're running somewhere or busy doing something. It is nice, but I have so much to do!! lol Still need to get things together for hubby's birthday/retirement party on the 21st of July, haven't even decided what to have food wise!! Of course there's lots of cleaning to be done, but with the 3 dogs that's more of a few days before the party thing. I never realized how much dogs shed and just plain dog dust everywhere. I've gone from dusting daily to just once a week, it makes me too crazy doing it everyday. I do have to sweep and vacuum everyday though, I can't stand the hair!! Tomorrow is the day, I have no where to go and other than the daily cleaning, nothing to do. I need to start getting my craft on and get things done. I got my Over The Hill Cricut cartridge on Friday and can't wait to make some party decorations with it. I also have a few things started that I need to finish up too.

So I'll be back tomorrow and hopefully have made some progress!! I keep promising pictures, so here's a picture of my puppy Millie, she's about 7 months old now and about 6 months in the picture.

Thanks for stopping by and talk to you soon!!