Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fun Friday, Work Saturday, Lazy Sunday!

It's been a whirlwind weekend! Friday had such a fun day and night in Walnut Creek and then the class in Brentwood. Sara met us at her home and made us a taco lunch, which was excellent. Spent some time playing with her dog Cody before I left for my class and Richard stayed there. Richard and Sara spent the evening picking up the crib and dresser and they had a heck of a time and had to make a couple of trips to Babies R Us. They did have a good time though and got to spend some quality time just the two of them.

The class Friday night in Brentwood was so much fun. There were around 14 of us and Sherry Mendoza with Prima was such fun and very funny. I did learn a lot of different techniques and I do love working with canvas. I didn't get a chance to finish my album, but took a few pictures of Sherry's for future reference. Hope I get to take another one of her classes in the future.

On Saturday we loaded up a queen bed from Sara's house and brought it home. Bringing home the bed was the easy part other than loading it up and driving it back. I hate it when I can't see out the mirror and then driving on a freeway I'm not familiar with for over 2 hours with wind! We get the bed home and have to move the double bed out of our bedroom, carry it to the front yard, clean out under the bed and then vacuum where the bed was and of course the rest of the room too. Now we have to bring the queen bed in the house and set it up if we want a place to sleep. Well of course the frame that we have is supposed to be a full/queen and the new queen mattress doesn't fit the frame, so it's now on the floor. We should have taken the frame that Sara had, but we thought we had one. Now she has to bring us the frame on Saturday when she comes, not a problem. Sunday I did get some cleaning done and did 4 loads of laundry, mostly bedding and dog blankets, but nothing since then. Dinner was easy, so clean up was a breeze too!

So now ready for Monday and getting ready for our party on Saturday, Richard's 60th birthday and retirement party. I think we're having around 60 people, so have lots and lots to do to get ready. Richard is doing outside and I'm of course doing the inside and making lists. I have to plan my days or I won't get everything done. I have lists by stores and I did finally ask a few people to bring some things, food of course. I don't want to kill myself trying to make everything.

Here are a few of the pictures I took of Sherry's album from Friday and can't wait to finish mine, but I'm sure it won't look anything like hers. I did buy a few things that we used in class, but couldn't afford to get everything and I really wanted to! hehehe

This is the cover of the Album, it's Prima Mixed Media Resist Canvas Album and we used the Inner Pages Refill kit to do the pages.

These are a couple of the other pages from her album. I was rushed when I was taking the pictures and so they're not so great and these are the only pages I got to take pictures of. I'm hoping she'll have some pictures on her blog or somewhere that I can look at too.

I will talk to you soon, going to be a very busy week for me, but will make some time to post. I have a post for Tuesday with the DT, so I will probably see you then!