Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ready For The Weekend!

Am so ready for this weekend and I don't even work! It's been so hot and the heat makes me not want to do anything. We don't have A/C, but we do have a swamp cooler or water cooler and it helps, but only to a certain point. The cooler works good in the rooms their in, but my craft room is not one of those rooms! lol My craft room is also next to the laundry room and OMG, it gets hot when the dryer is going.

Well tomorrow is Friday and I get to go to Walnut Creek to see my step-daughter who is pregnant with our first grandchild that's due the end of September. We are very excited about that, just wish they weren't 2 hours away, but it could be worse.

The reason we're going to Walnut Creek is I'm going to take a mixed media class with Prima's own Sherry Mendoza from Australia! I am so excited!!! The class is actually in Brentwood, but it's only a half and hour or so from Sara and Adam's house. The class isn't over until 10, so we're going to be spending the night and having some quality time with Sara. Adam is working out of town and won't be home until Sunday, so we won't get to see him this visit.

So hopefully Saturday or Sunday I'll be posting some pictures from my class. I've known Sherry for a while and it's so cool that I'll finally get to meet her and also take a Prima class!!! I've been really getting into the mixed media art, it's so much fun and you can get very creative!

So talk to you soon and hope you have a great weekend!!


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