Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's Thursday Already!

I can't believe it's Thursday already!! With the 4th on Wednesday my week is all messed up and don't know what day it is. I'll probably be confused until Saturday when I have lots to do helping with the C.O.R.E. Projects garage sale in Sacramento. If you can make it you should come out, there's going to be lots of cool finds!! lol If you can make it the address is 3548 53rd Street, Sacramento, Ca 95820. Maybe I'll see you there, helping set up, so probably be gone early. I've been going through lots of clothes and other stuff looking for items to donate and came up with tons of stuff!!

I've been so busy cleaning and going through things I haven't had time to do any fun stuff. I do need to take some pictures though, thought I had some to share, but I can't find them. I have lots of garage sale stuff in my craft room, so I'll take some quick pictures tomorrow while I'm in there. I was looking around in there earlier today and hated that I didn't have time to do anything. I did get a new to me rolling stand for in there and going to take the old one to the garage sale. The new one to me is really nice and my Cricut Imagine fits, along with other stuff too and the cartridges fit in the 2 sides that have doors. Will try to take pictures of that too, it's pretty cool and swivels. My mom got a new TV that we picked up for her last weekend and so she didn't need this cabinet any longer, so it came home with me. I have the Imagine put away for now though, have the E2 out since it fit better on the other cabinet and just going to keep rolling along with it for a while.

Sorry to run off at the mouth, lots going on in my mind tonight. Hope everyone had an awesome 4th and I'll see you tomorrow!

Talk to you soon.



HeatherLynn said...

good luck at your garage sale! :)

SusieScrapper said...

Thank you, hopefully they'll have a great turnout!