Sunday, March 16, 2008

Back to Work Today!!!

This is a picture of Ms. M&M, she's a cutie!!

We had a wonderful (semi wonderful) Saturday visiting my mom and brother in Galt! We left early and met our daughter Sara in the Sacramento area and had breakfast at the Jack-in-the-Box on Natomas. I know, not such a nice place, but we had M&M with us on her first road trip since she was a puppy!! M&M was really happy to see Sara and Sara actually seemed a little bit happy to see M&M. The three of us ate our food inside and M&M patiently waited in the bed of the truck. The spoiled little princess that she is, she got a breakfast jack and ate the whole thing, paper and all!!

She had a great time. My mom has 2 dogs and she got to play with them and my brother Michael has her sister, Sheena. They apparently didn't remember each other since it's been a while since we've taken her with us there. They didn't fight or anything, but they didn't play either. They did go through the fence and the neighbor called and asked if he had a couple of big black dogs that were missing and of course it was M&M and Sheena. He went to go get them and brought them back, but not before they got away once and had to go get leashes and run them down!!

A good day was had by all, though I didn't get to see my son Anthony (by choice). He was in San Francisco the day before for an interview and was going to come to Galt and then drive back for a going away party Saturday night. Well, the way gas prices are I told him it was a waste of money and just to stay there and I'd see him another time. It was disappointing, but I'll see him one day this week instead and have one-on-one time with him!

Now it's Sunday and I'm back to work. I have a job due on Wednesday and I only started it today! Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and our 14th Wedding Anniversary. Won't be celebrating it much, because we're both working, but we will be having our usual meatloaf dinner!! That's Richard's favorite, so I make sure that I make it on our anniversary and then he can have meatloaf sandwiches all week for lunch. Win Win!!

Must get back to work, it won't type itself. Hope you've all had a great weekend and catch up with you tomorrow!

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