Friday, June 20, 2008

I Know, It's Been A Week

I thought I was getting better, but here it is and it's been a week since I last posted. I have nothing to blame it on other than procrastination (and maybe ) I can't believe how addicting it is and I've made some wonderful friends there. If you've heard of Twitter, it's basically the same idea, just so much better! If you decide to check it out, as usual I'm SusieScrapper. I can't think of anywhere that I'm not though, so keep your eyes open!! lol

Am back to work, but it's been slow. Have done some parole hearings, but this week I've been doing internal affair investigation work, which is kind of interesting. I prefer the parole hearings, but think it's going to be slow for a while and glad I've been getting other work instead. I'm easy and typing is typing!!

As for the race this weekend at Infineon, we did get tickets and really good ones for Sunday, but are giving them to Sara. We tried to get tickets for Saturday, but they didn't have any and it's too much for us to go on Sunday. Richard's hours are such that we always have to leave pretty much after the race starts, so it's dumb to go. I do enjoy walking around and checking everything out though and that's why we tried to get Saturday tickets instead. Sara and Adam will enjoy the tickets, so it's not a waste.

I got all my work done last night and am planning on spending the whole weekend scrapbooking! I found a great sale last weekend at the Green Tangerine in Rocklin and Joanne's was having a sale this week and found so many treasures!! lol I didn't need a thing and that's what made it fun I guess. So I'm hoping to have time to actually get some stuff done.

Am thinking about making a bunch of stuff and putting it up on Have been hearing so much about it and some people actually do well. It's a site that you can sell only handmade items on and there is no bidding, just selling and I like that much better than Ebay and the whole bidding thing. So we'll see what I come up with this weekend and wish me luck!!

Hope you all have a great weekend and Talk to you soon!!

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