Monday, June 30, 2008

It's Monday Again!

Happy Monday!! I guess I just need to admit that I'm probably not going to post more than once a week! I've tried to do better, but don't think it's going to happy sadly enough.

Had a very busy and wonderful weekend this past weekend. We rarely have plans to do anything, but this weekend was a busy one. First we went to Galt to visit my mom and Anthony. Had a really nice visit with both of them for a short period of time. Then went down the street to see my brother for his birthday, which was yesterday, the 29th. We had stopped on the way and bought a peach pie and some ice cream to celebrate his birthday since we weren't going to be there on his actual birthday. Visited with them for a couple of hours and then went back to my moms for a while longer. Once we left there we had a graduation party to go to and didn't get home until around 10:30. It was a fun, but long day.

While I was at my mom's I decided I wanted to go through all of her old pictures to see if I could find any of myself for the explosion box that I finished except for pictures. I decided I wanted to make it about me through the years, but didn't have any pictures of myself!! OMG!! I hate having my picture taken, that's why I have none. Well, I had such a good time going through her 2 boxes of pictures and was pulling out pictures that I wanted to take and make copies of. I have had only 1 picture of myself that I loved and hadn't been able to find it in years. Well guess what, I found it!! The picture is probably at least 20 years old, but it's actually a picture of me that I like. I do not photograph well at all and for some reason who ever took this picture didn't make me look totally stupid! Maybe because it's in black and white, I don't know, but was happy that I found it. It's not in the best shape though, kind of wrinkled and a tad beat up, but I didn't care. lol

Here is the picture, but like I said, it's at least 20 years old. I had it take where I used to work when I was running for the employees club and it was hanging on the wall with all the other people that were running. Yes, I did win!! lol

Sunday was kind of a lazy day. I'm not used to being outside so much and my asthma really kicked up. I'm better today, but still a little on the lazy side! lol Slept through 90% of the race and woke up to it being called for rain. Richard's driver did luck out and was in 1st place when it was red flagged, so he won the race!! Sadler came in 5th and I was happy with that!

Not much going on this week. Not working so far, but have been doing all kinds of stuff around the house. Getting ready for a garage sale, so going through and trying to get rid of some stuff. Need to tackle the garage, but don't have that kind of energy! It's going to take a couple days to do that job!!

Hope you have a great week and I'll try to post later in the week with more of my picture treasures that I'm scanning.

Talk to you soon!!

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MyChronicLife said...

I just love looking through old photos. I have that "chore" ahead of me as Hubby and I are still working on putting up photos on her newly painted hallway.

I love your photo! I remember those days well and I think I had that hairdo once too :)

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