Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Already!!

I wish time would stand still for a while so I can catch up. It seems to just fly by and I wonder where it's all going and why it's going so fast!!

The 4th of July was wonderful!! We had the yearly neighborhood bbq and of course the traditional water fight! We didn't do the balloon launcher this year and people were disappointed, but we'll work on it for next year! They did have the water balloon sling-shot across the street though and that sucker sure shoots those balloons far! Richard and I managed to stay dry and out of the water. There was a lot of people getting thrown in the pools, but we stayed out of sight this year! All the food was great and the neighbors were there. Everyone had bought fireworks and it seemed to take hours to go through them. Of course all my dogs were scared to death, but we took M&M with us for a while and she really good. She got lots of pets from the kids, but hated all the noise the fireworks made.

It's been so hot and smokey here that I haven't been doing much. My craft room is an oven, so have been staying out of there! Tried to move some things in the living room to work on, but with all the dogs it was impossible. Way too many noses poking around and hate snarf on my paper!

Decided today was the day to try and scan pictures and take some pictures. Hope it works out!! lol For some reason I hate scanning stuff and I have a wonderful scanner!!

It also looks like I'll be off work all month!! I can't believe work has been so slow this year. I need to find something else to do to make money. I think I've decided to open an Etsy store online at I'm pretty sure that's the address. It's a website where you have your own store, but everything has to be handcrafted. I've been working on some stuff, but won't tell what!! lol Don't want anyone to steal my idea that took me so long to come up with. Hopefully it'll work out and people will buy my wares! Will keep you up to date and when I finally open the store will post the address for everyone to check out.

Hopefully I'll be back later to post some pictures! If not today, then for sure tomorrow.

Talk to you late!!

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