Saturday, July 12, 2008

Great Saturday!

We have had a great day today! We first went to breakfast at our favorite restaurant (Granite Rock) and then went shopping. I finally got Richard to take me to Trader Joe's and had fun shopping there. We also hit the Ace Hardware store, because that's the only place I knew that carried the Webster Duster. Found a few $1 items there, which was good. The dogs got tennis balls, but they're pretty much gone now and pieces of ball insides are all over the floor! Then we hit the Dollar Tree, which was next door to Ace. Had a good time in there also and of course found a few treasures. lol I pretty much wore Richard out at that point, so we just headed back home.

It's been a while since we've had such a nice day though. We talked about a lot of things and he even encouraged me to start the Etsy store! I'm glad he's good with it and thinks that I can actually make some money at it. I told him all my ideas and he's been telling me what he's liked most that I've made over the 15 years since we've been together. So tomorrow we're going to get all my hidden treasures out of the garage and shed to get me going. I'm very excited now and feel very confident that maybe I'll be able to sell some stuff!

I did take some pictures of what I've made that I still have, but they came out really dark and not very good at all. I'll try again on Monday when I'm alone and can just spread everything all over the house! lol

So the rest of the weekend I'll be clearing some space in my craft room for non-scrapbooking stuff! I will be leaving my scrapbooking stuff out, because I'm still planning on working on what I have going already and maybe even selling it!!

So I'll probably be back on Monday with pictures and maybe even a link to my new Etsy Store!!

Talk to you soon!


Amy said...

yay! let me know when you open your store!

Sara said...

Ooooooh let me know when you open up your store! :)

Tracy said...

I've considered an Etsy store a few times, but haven't taken the plunge. Let me know if you do!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. : )