Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Smokey Tuesday!!

It has been so smokey around here with all the fires all around us, it's hard to see the sun. You can't smell the smoke, but you can see it in the air and it makes the day look muggy and kind of overcast. To bad we didn't get much rain with the lightening strikes that caused all the fires!!

I haven't been working this week, but have been cleaning my behind off!! Have a feeling work is going to be sparser than normal for a while, so I'm getting things done around the house. I'm also going to be making some items to sell on Etsy.com and when I'm ready I'll let everyone know. I even figured out what I'm going to make and sell there, which is going to surprise everyone!! It's not even scrapbook related.

Since I've not been working I've been spending too much time thinking, which is never good!! It's pretty much been happy thoughts, but sometimes they turn into sad ones too.

So I just wanted to share a picture of 2 of my favorite people! I took the picture off the wall and scanned it, because it's my favorite picture and they're together. The lighting sucks, but I don't care. This was taken a few years ago when they went out to dinner with a bunch of friends and it surprised me when I saw this picture and had to have it.

These are our kids, Sara and Anthony. I miss them both since they're both grown and gone from home. Anthony now is living in San Francisco and is now working at a job he seems to love. Sara is in Walnut Creek now and also loves her job at ERM. I am so proud of both of them and the wonderful adults that they have become. I sometimes forget to tell them that and want to make sure they know it. I love them both very much and wouldn't trade or change them for the world!!

Thanks for reading and talk to you soon!!


Amanda Ann said...

That is a great picture of them!
Wow, I am out of it, I didn't even know you guys were having fires around you. Oh no! I hope they stay away from you!

hollymccaig said...

awww, you're so sweet!

Jean Marie said...

Beautiful Children Susie!
Hope you stay safe from the fires!
Take Care