Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm A Bad Blogger!!

I can't believe I did it again, it's been to long between posts!! I keep trying to get better, but life keeps getting in the way.

Been pretty busy and trying to de-clutter the house! Been going through everything and trying to get rid of stuff and hopefully get enough stuff together for a garage sale or sale items on Craig's List or somewhere.

I've also been trying to get stuff ready for my Etsy store, but it's going so slow. I have some things together, but have been trying to make a banner. Yeah, right. I still think it's my Photoshop program, but tried Illustrator too and it didn't work out!! It's horrible being computer challenged, but haven't given up yet. If I don't figure it out by Friday I'm just going to open my store without a banner and hope people will still check it out and hopefully buy lots of stuff!! lol

If you didn't know, I started selling Avon a while back and just loving it. I've done better with Avon than I ever did selling scrapbooking stuff. Go figure. Everyone knows Avon and they've already got the awesome reputation and I don't have to sell the name. Avon isn't just for your mother anymore, they have stuff for everyone!! Avon Calling!! lol

The WeScrap Challenge started this week and am working on the first Mini-Challenge and should have it up tomorrow. That's what I'm doing tonight! I'm still nervous and hope to at least make it through the first round. So keep your fingers crossed for me, I think I'll need it. I've seen some of the layouts of the gals that I'm up against and they're so awesome, so you may need to cross more than your fingers for me!!

So hopefully I'll be posting again this week. I haven't been working, but that's good for right now. I'm enjoying my time off and making good use of it!!

Talk to you soon!!


Amanda Ann said...

I am so glad that selling Avon is going well!! I totally plan to place an order from you when we get some moola. ;)

Kara said...

Susie-you get back here right now and post your entry to the challenge! I'm dying to see it! I'm also wondering if you are an online Avon rep too or do I have to qualify as a "real" person to place an order with you? Let me know:-)

Kara said...

Hi Susie! I tagged you today on my blog:-)