Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's a Dogs Day Everyday!

At our house the dogs rules roost, there's 4 of them and only two of us! Cozad is the old man and gets up and walks like us anymore these days. Jack is the crazy one! Richard always says that his mom and dad were brother and sister. He's different, but he's so sweet and such a nice dog. Then there's Max and she is soooo daddy's girl! She is a rather large dog and Anthony always says she's a barrel with legs, which isn't nice of him at all!! hehehehe And last but not least is Ms. M&M and she is mama's girl! She's a little stinker some of the time, but she's my little stinker and wouldn't change a thing about her!! She's the baby (think she'll be 4 this year) and wants to play and all the rest of them don't want to be bothered with her. It's funny that the girls only play with each other and the boys only play with each other. M&M tries to play with the boys sometimes, but they don't want anything to do with her. Have never had so many dogs and not sure if that's the way they are or if my dogs are just strange, which wouldn't surprise me at all!!

Below is a picture of Ms. Max sleeping. The chair she's sleeping in is one of those big chair and a halfs. She is probably a little bit bigger, but she's a really pretty dog. She has like 3 layers of hair and all the layers a different colors. Her coat is just beautiful, but she sheds like you wouldn't believe!

This is Jack and M&M taking a nap with dad. Didn't think Richard wanted his picture on the internet of him sleeping, so he got cropped out of this one. It's always hard to see M&M because she's so dark and I can't seem to get any good pictures of her. She is not photogenic at all!! lol Jack on the other hand is black, but he's so photogenic and has such a sweet face!

Couldn't find a picture on the computer of Cozad that wasn't in a layout! He's the oldest of the 4 and he's my boy and dad's. He's the dog that is always under foot and wants to be involved in everything you're doing. When dad is outside doing something, Cozad is always right by his side. When I'm doing laundry or something in the kitchen, he's right there helping. Cozad is around 13 or 14 and is starting to really slow down a lot and getting so white faced!! His face is more than half white anymore. If feel bad sometimes because he's the ball boy and loves to play ball, but with the other 3 in the picture it's just too hard sometimes and he gets run right over since he's the smallest of the 4 and don't want him to get hurt!

I'm doing good, second day in a row!! Am looking for pictures for tomorrow and trying to find some layouts on one of the computers, but think I've deleted most of them. I don't take really good pictures and probably wouldn't have put them on here anyways is why I probably deleted them!

There is a slideshow of the paperbag book I did of the dogs on the bottom of my blog if you're never seen it before! The above pictures of Cozad are from that book!

Talk to you tomorrow hopefully!!


Amanda Ann said...

Your dogs are so cute!! I sure miss my doggy. :(
I love the album you did! That is so fun!!!

Amy said...

awww cute doggies!