Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Friday And I'm Still On a Roll!!

I've looked all over my computer for my layouts and pictures of things I've made, but I can't find a one! This computer is a year old and you'd think I've have some new ones on here by now!

Tomorrow should be a more productive day and will post some pictures and hopefully some layouts that I've done. I'm trying really hard to get better at blogging, but life gets in the way sometimes.

It's been just way too hot today to do a lot of anything and hope it cools off some for the weekend. Going to a couple of bbq's and a picnic on Sunday and don't want to die of heat! We are going to the Teamster Picnic on Sunday and I'm pretty excited about it, I've never been before! Don't think we'll really know that many people, but should still be a lot of fun.

Will talk to you tomorrow and hopefully you'll have some new pictures of stuff to look at!! lol

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Amanda Ann said...

I hope you find some pictures. :) And I hope you have an awesome weekend!!