Tuesday, September 2, 2008

POP In Post!!

Don't have time to do a usual post, but I scanned these photos last night to put on plurk, but for some reason they won't go on without cutting off the top of my head. I resized them and everything, but still don't work. Thought I would go ahead and post them here.

These are 2 pictures of me, one when I was 5 and the other is my kindergarten picture. The first one is in black and white, that's me at 5. The second one is my kindergarten picture, but it's kind of discolored.

Talk to you soon!


Amanda Ann said...

Awww!!! How cute!!!
You should try cropping them into a square, then it shouldn't cut your head off :)

CAT said...

those are great! I need to get a better scanner to do that