Saturday, September 13, 2008

After Pictures, My Craft Room Is Finally Done!!

Well, almost done anyways. There are still some things I need to work on, but at least now I can go in and work on some projects and get some things done for my Etsy Store that I've been trying to get open. The 2 blue cubes on the table came out of the wall, well one did anyway and made 2 huge holes in the wall, but the pizza boxes are covering the worst part. You can see where they were on the wall though, now I'm going to need to paint and hope I still have some of that yellow paint left somewhere!!
There's a case of water, 2 floor lamps, a bag of dog food and the boxes under the table that is for our garage sale. Since my craft room was the garage, we have no other place to store the boxes, so they're under the tables. Oh well, someday they'll be gone. When I have people over I just hide them in the laundry room!! lol

So here are the pictures!!! Yippee!!

This is my table where I actually scrapbook!

This is the other end of the table where I just have other supplies and everything is pretty much under this table for the garage sale.

This is the counter that is holding my ribbon, some paper in the drawers and of course the Clip-It-Up with some of my goodies that I use on it!! One day I'll find a piece of counter-top for it.

To the left are all my boxes of stuff from different direct sales companies that I've been with. To the right is the cabinet with all my goodies like buttons, brads and everything I love!! lol

This is another cabinet that has all my magazines and all my Sizzix dies and some storage under it. The shelf above has all kinds of stuff, the 2 red boxes have seaonal stamp sets, the other boxes just have misc. stuff for all types of crafts.

This is the peg board wall full of stuff that I used to sell and of course more pizza boxes!! lol The 3 red cubes on the wall were right next to the 2 bigger blue ones that came off. They zip up and are on a metal bracket and can be taken to go!! I got the red and blue cubes from IKEA!

Pretty much the same as above, just a further away shot.

My scrap table closer up, notice my ITouch in it's radio!! Pretty cool huh?? lol That's the Jingle book I've been working on and need to put pictures in it!

I love all my jars and they're all full!! Those are spice racks that turn around and there are jars on both sides of each of those. Jars are full of buttons, brads, and all things small!

This is just above my where I scrap and I can reach up and grab what I need. This is the left side of the cabinet and there are stamps in most of those containers.

This is the other side of the above cabinet! More stamps and inking stuff. Yes, I have tons of stamps!

That's it for now!! Maybe some one can come and scrap with me sometime!! lol

Talk to you soon!!


Amy said...

wow! look at all those scrap goodies! Your craft room looks awesome susie!

TheBombria's said...

Talk about a lot of stuff!!!! Your space looks get crack'a 'lackin and start crafting like a mad woman!!!

Kara said...

Oh my gosh-I can't believe the amount of work you've done! You could open your own shop it's so well organized. I can't wait to see the launch of your etsy shop. Announce it often!

Amanda Ann said...

WOW!!! That looks so awesome!! You go girl!!!

Eric S. said...

Wow, all so organized and neat, good job. My wife used to scrapbook all the time. She was in a club back home, but has not been real active with it lately. Now we have a ton of the really cool tools and toys for it stacked up in a corner of the spare room.

Maybe I should set her up a craft room with a table for scrap booking.