Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's Almost That Time of Year!!

This is one of our favorite times of the year, Halloween!! Richard is like a little kid at Halloween and always goes all out. He's been decorating the yard for quite a few years and now he tries to add something new every year. This year it's the skeleton coming out of the grave and I really like how it turned out. Last year he made the headstones and I painted them. I think he's got plans to make a few more this year, because he told me to think up a few more ideas to put on them. Here are the progress pictures and the end result. I'll be taking a picture with one of them when I can get Richard to take it and I'll post that one here also.

So here are the pictures and I was practicing with different settings on my camera and I think they turned out okay. lol I'm no photographer though, not even close!!

That's just of few of the 70 plus pictures I took!! Like I said, I was messing with the settings on my camera and a lot of them didn't come out very good. It was a really hot day and so we worked on it in the morning and then in the evening. Now the dogs are going to be looking out the window and thinking that there are people in the yard and bark at them!! Oh fun!! lol

Talk to you soon!


Amanda Ann said...

DUDE!!! That is so awesome Susie!! I have to admit, it was kinda cool getting to see your house. Heehee

salisburymob said...

I love your blog Susie! How cool are all your halloween creatures!

Eric S. said...

Love the grave and skeleton, also the scarecrows. Your hubby looks wore out.


Lucy said...

Hi Susie...saw you talking to Sue on Plurks and thought I would come and visit! 4 dogs....I thought I was the only one with 4 dogs....terrier mix, mastif/lab, chocolate lab, brittnany spaniel mix.....did I mention a cat, turtle and rabbit??? I'll be back!
Love your craft area by the way!

Jean Marie said...

Love your scarey friends!So much fun :)
The new addition to your decorations is fantastic!!3 cheers to your dh!