Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Can't Believe The Weekend Is Already Over!

It's already Sunday night, where did the weekend go?? Time seems to just slip by me anymore and seems to be going faster and faster!

We had Triva's surprise party yesterday and it was such a good time! There were lots of friends, family and a ton of great food, not mention the beer and wine!! lol And yes, the Captain showed up, but I didn't have any. Everyone seemed to be having a fun time. My mom's cousin Antoinette and her husband Jack even came from Novato and it was so good to see them both. Auntie Olga and Uncle Jim were also there and it was a nice surprise, it's been a while since I've seen them also. They live in Morgan Hill, about 2 hours away from Galt where the party was. Auntie Emma is always so nice to let us have all the parties at her house too!! Thanks Auntie Emma!!

The circle album I made for Triva she seemed to really like, she even cried when she opened it, which made me feel good but then sad at the same time. It was an album with her and her grandson Jaydin who recently moved out of state and when I started making the album I didn't know that. So when she saw it and all the pictures of Jaydin she started crying and I felt horrible. She did tell me that she loved and that I shouldn't be sorry I made her cry. I did feel better after that!!

Here are the really bad pictures of took really fast Friday night when I actually finished it. Sorry for the poor quality, but the lighting is really bad in my craft room!!

Tomorrow I'll post the actual party pictures, but they're still in my camera!! lol

Talk to you soon!!


Amanda Ann said...

I love your circle album!! It is so cool!!
Glad the surprise party went well.
I have to agree that the weekend just flew by! :)

Kara said...

I hadn't noticed you added so many elements to your album in the other pictures-it looks amazing! Glad you enjoyed your weekend. It did fly by didn't it? Off to another busy week. Plurk ya tomorrow!:-)

Beverly said...

I love your circle album!!