Wednesday, September 3, 2008

These Are The Before Pictures!

These are the before pictures of my craft room! Yes, it is a huge mess and I will be working on it tonight and probably tomorrow and the next day! lol

I was looking for a book, yes a book, and I had to take everything out of the cabinet and now have stacks of books and binders and odds and ends all over the place. We also had the football draft party here a couple weekends ago and needed one of my tables. So everything needed to be taken off of the table and put where it would fit. Now everything is out of the cabinet and off of the table and you can't even walk in there at all.

Since the pictures I have set the table back up and can now at least move around the room and making some progress.

When I'm all done I'll post the After pictures and hope it's soon!! lol

Talk to you soon!


Amanda Ann said...

Holy smokes lady!!! I am such a neat freak I would flip out in there. LOL

Hope it doesn't take you too long to straighten up! ;)

Amy said...

wow look at all those goodies! :)