Friday, August 15, 2008

So Glad It's Friday!!

I'm still no better at blogging, but still trying to get better at doing it more often. Have been working on pictures, but I think my Photoshop Elements is acting up. I've been trying to do some things to my pictures and it's just not working out!! I've used tutorials and did exactly what it said to do, but still no go!! I have been so frustrated with it, but hoping that when I see Sara tomorrow she can help me and I'll know if it's my Photoshop or me!! lol

Going to visit my mom, Anthony and Sara this weekend. Anthony is leaving for Burning Man on the 22nd and I want to see him before he leaves, plus we have some goodies we're taking him.

Nothing really new here. Did get sick again and so tired of being sick it's really pissing me off!! Finally feel good again and haven't been overdoing it just in case this bug comes back!

Setting up my Etsy store and did pick a name finally!! Hopefully it will have stuff on it this week when I get Photoshop to work or I figure it out.

I'm taking my new ITouch with me this weekend also and Anthony is going to download some music for me!! I have a lot of music, but I have cassette tapes and albums!! lol I do have cd's, but he has so much more than me and he knows who I like and what songs. Anthony has more music than anyone I know, it's amazing how much he has!! We used to like exactly the same music, but he's branched out in more directions than me and it's not all the same anymore.

When I get the Photoshop issues worked out I'll be posting some pictures and projects that I've been working on.

So I'll talk to you again real soon!!

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Amanda Ann said...

Hope your weekend was awesome!! I can't wait to see your Etsy shop!!