Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm In Love!!

HaHa! Made you look. I'm in love with my almost new ITouch!! I just got it on Saturday and don't know what I did before I got it. A friend on Plurk was talking about selling it because she wanted a different one and I got a great deal! Thank you Andie!! lol Now all I do is look for music to put on it and nag Anthony to death, because I have no idea who sings what or what the name of the songs I like are. Good think he loves me or he'd probably kill me, but that's what happens when you're into music as much as he is. He knows what music I like and so he's going to make a cd because he has everything. Bet he misses Tower Records for that reason, he could get anything there and that was one of the perks I bet he misses.

I'm still not working and currently still working on stuff for my etsy store. I have such a mess in my craft room that it's taking me days to clean it up. I've been looking for some patterns I had and have everything out of a couple cabinets and spread out all over the room. No, I haven't found what I was looking for yet, but did find some things that I forgot about, so it's not a total waste of time. Can't wait to have everything ready and up and going. I think I finally picked out a name for the store, but want to make sure I can get it before I give it out. My same Plurk friend Andie is going to make me a watermark for the photos that I put on there and can't wait to see what she comes up with!!

Speaking of Plurk, if you haven't heard of it, it's www.Plurk.com and I'm of course susiescrapper on there. I'm pretty much susiescrapper everywhere. Plurk is basically a social network site and it's tons of fun. I've met some great people on there and we all share the same interests and just basically plurk about what we're doing and sharing things we're currently working on. I have friends all over the world and hope to meet a few of them one day!! I do have a few that are fairly local too and have a better chance of meeting one of them. Most of my friends are into crafts, scrapbooking, nascar and animals. You start off with a few friends from other sites and then you kind of pick up their friends and so on and so on! It's really fun, you should go over and check it out. Twitter is kind of the same, but not as social, it's www.Twitter.com and I'm susiescrapper over there too.

Have lots still to do today, but just wanted to share my new toy with you all and my new home! lol Hope to see you there!!

Talk to you later!

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