Saturday, May 19, 2012

Crafty Saturday!

Well I've been having a crafty Saturday and enjoying the heck out of it. Don't get a lot of opportunity to just sit down and work on stuff, but took today and said that's what I'm doing all day!! But needless to say, I've been making a bigger mess, but it's so much fun. I have 'stuff' everywhere and am having to look all over for everything and of course under stuff. Still missing my pearls, but am confident I'll find them eventually (I hope).

Well here are the before pictures, which are now current pictures. If you see any pearls hiding, let me know, I still haven't found them!! lol There is another table behind me with all the Cricut stuff on it, but I'm embarrassed enough with what I'm already showing everyone.

Talk to you soon and hope you're having a great weekend!!


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