Friday, May 9, 2008

Finally Friday!!

It's been a long week and I'm glad it's the weekend finally!

Don't have a lot going on this weekend, just going to breakfast for Mothers Day on Sunday. Saw my mom last weekend and will make a plan to spend the day with her hopefully next week for Mothers Day. Anthony gave me 27 Dresses and I just loved it. I've already watched it like 4 times since last Saturday. I needed a new movie and it's perfect. Meeting Sara and Adam Sunday morning at our favorite restaurant in Rocklin. If you haven't tried it, go the Granite Rock Cafe on Pacific down the road from the K-Mart, you will love it!!

I'm hoping to get to scrapbook this weekend, it's been a while. The Nascar race is on Saturday night rather than Sunday and it messes up my whole weekend! lol I enjoy spending Sunday watching the race and when it's on Saturday I don't enjoy it as much. Sunday is usually nap day and the race is always good to nap to unless it's exciting and this should be an exciting one!

Well Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there and hope you have a great day!!

Talk to you soon!

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