Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hump Day!!

I can't believe it's Wednesday already!! Time just seems to fly by lately.

Had a great weekend this last weekend! All the NSD festivities, plus our family get together, what a great weekend. Got to see some cousins that I hadn't seen for probably a year or more, plus both my brothers, my son and step-daughter, aunts and of course my mom. Lots of food and lots of laughing and lot of catching up.

Didn't get any scrapbooking done though for NSD, but did get to play a few games. Didn't win any of them, but I never seem to win games. I ran the Bingo game and guess the button game on and I really have fun doing it. I hate playing Bingo because I never do win, but always come close, so it's much more fun to put the game on! lol

Well it's been a busy week working, but my work email went down and it's a real pain the butt! I can't send or receive emails and hopefully it'll get fixed today because I can't do a lot without it.

Below are a few pictures from my family get together on Satuday. I was the only one taking pictures and I'm the worst at it. Need to take a photography class or something to learn how to take better pictures or figure out what I do wrong!!

Have a great rest of the week and chat at you soon!

This is a my hubby Richard

This is my cousin Mia and her Husband Dave

This is my Mom

This is my cousin Jimmy that lives in New York

This is my cousin Carol

This is my brother Steve

This is my brother Mike

This is a bad picture of Anthony (son for those that don't know) but I didn't want to leave him out!

This is my cousin Janna (sorry about her eyes being closed!)

This is Sam from New York and Landon, Mia's son

Sara and Adam left before I started taking pictures, so sorry Sara!!

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Chris said...

So great to see photos of your fmaily and get to know you better!