Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's Already Wednesday!

I can't believe it's already Wednesday! When there's a holiday my days get really messed up and today should be Richard's day off, but since there was a holiday he always has to work on his day off. So this really messes up my week! It's going to take me at least a week to get my days straight!! I hate that!!

Back to working for Terri typing the Board of Parole Hearings for a while anyway. I did miss it and the money will be good when I do finally get paid. She even has given me expedites that are double the page dollar amount!! I hardly ever got them before and so worth working the weekend.

Haven't had time to scrap at all, which is disappointing. I have projects all the place that I've been dying to work on and finish up, but trying to get this weeks typing done by the weekend so I can have the weekend to play.

Richard and a couple of his brothers, Sara and Adam are going camping for the weekend at French Meadows. With all the dogs and all of them going, I opted to stay home. It doesn't bother me not to go though. I'll have more fun here if I can play without feeling guilty about leaving Richard alone while I'm doing it!! lol We don't see that much of each other lately and so I hate to go into my scraproom when we barely get 2 hours a day together.

Richard is on vacation next week though, so we should be sick of each other by the end of the week. We have no plans, but I'm hoping he'll take me to the casino one day for a few hours, but you never know. I'll probably be working all week and won't be able to do anything and then he'll be bored and I'll feel guilty. I really want to work though if there is work, because it's probably not going to last that long and I want to do it while it's available. The money's nice also!!

Hope to post again by Friday, I'm still not that great at doing it that often, but am trying to get better. Typing all the time now makes it harder with tight deadlines and hopefully more expedites for double the page!

Have a great rest of the week and talk to you soon!!

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